Good servers to learn on?


Benn playing FiveM a little bit here and there on dead servers hoping to learn but seams they all are setup differently etc. I’d like to go to a trafficked server but dont wanna be a total noob and ask questions every 5 seconds. Any good servers where they maybe teach you? Help you learn? I enjoy RP and think this is a great structure for it. wish their were moreeeeee…styles of servers but no biggie. I’m a speed lover and offroad lover if that hints to what Id like. anyway though anyplace,server,etc to learn about the different menues and things, options, buttons. thanks!


I think the best thing is to just join a server and play,

most of the people who play FiveM tend to be freindly so asking questions shouldent be much of a issue I hope, besides that some servers have /help or /cmd commands that you could do or even webpages with information.


Hi. I found out about the whole custom GTA V multiplayer thingy this summer, I mostly did what Envious said. Just play on some medium-light RP server if that is what you wish to or any other depending on your interests.

I had hard time getting into the whole FiveRP thing because it was at the time very unstable and laggy on my PC, but now I’m getting a new one so hope it’d work out there better. Spec wise it’s gonna be lit compared to my old one.


moved to: #server-development:server-bazaar | I know this is not an advertisment for a server, however since you’re looking for a server, I feel it’s best moved here.


Your welcome to come check us out. Our TeamSpeak address is and you can find our FiveM recruitment post @


thanks for the replies everyone. yea sounds like a good idea. also id be a civilian. to sum me up ingame…not a good guy…not a bad guy…but do like…money? lol. so yea ill pop around and check servers out. anyone know of any that have good guy elements as well as badguy elements and also some drag racing? not drifting. i like the whole doing work, illegal or legal etc etc things but also love street racing.


check us out if you’d like we are mainly FiveM based but we offer members multiple platforms such as Arma3 or EmergeNYC even R6 Siege


oh damn, There is a load of street racing that goes on my server, that may or may not be because we have a lot of cars though. :rofl:

We’re whitelisted though but if you just mention your name on the app you’ll be whitelisted a lil easier


We help everyone.


ExiledRP is looking for LEO and Civs and we arent too strict just normal rules, We have great cars and adding more things day by day. Come to our discord to find out more.


18+ Swedish server discord link:


Always willing to train new people, great one on one training.


Join Unlimited RP
We always help and support people when they joining!

we got many custom vehicles and fun legal/ illigeal jobs! AND MUCH MORE!
We are searching after more civs to our great city!



Depends on what you want to learn, RP with scripthookv (trainers) or RP with ESX (more realistic) or whelp, it depends. What would you like to learn?

If interested in the military; Join here!

(note; the EU server is growing faster than the US)


Hi people! TGA has startet a FiveM server called TGA RP where we focus on cop/civilian RP. For those who don’t know about cop/civilian it’s basically just some are police, and some are civilians, and the RP are based on those roles. Where the cops stop and arrest the civilians depending on the crime committed. It’s what some people like to call pure RP. TGA is a new server, and therefore we need staff to help us. We hope the community will grow when more people come to play with us.

All staff and civilians are able to communicate through our Discord channel:
The server ip is:

Everyone are welcome to join us, wether you’ve tried RP or not.


hey do we got a server for u


Even if its not ours youd probably be best off on a trainer based server and not working all day on an esx server. If you use trainers your RP is all up to your imagination with less boundries


If you want a trainer based server and one who has helpful staff and public cops, I can offer you my server as we are rebuilding our server after people either coming on our server advertizing or making youtube videos lying about stuff. We are a family friendly server with no drama so if you want to check it out PM me on here


Here is all the information about SoCal Cops RP, joining, and what we offer:


Civilian Operations
Communications (Dispatch)
To join the community you will need to go through the application process, this includes 2 simple steps:

Fill out an application

  • Be sure you meet all requirements liked below before applying. If you do not meet the requirements your application will be automatically dropped.
  • Before filling out an application make sure you have discord and teamspeak installed and working.
  • After filling out your application, it may take 24 hours to get a response… check your email often for a response.

Voice Interview

  • If your application is accepted, you will need to conduct a Voice Interview with the recruitment team. Reply to your application response message on the website with a date and time that works best for you, that meets the interview times listed in the acceptance letter.

At that point, if you pass your Voice Interview you will be brought into the community!


Apply At:

On our website you can get more information about the community itself and what we offer… as well as the applications