Good servers (EU/US)


As of late, I’ve been joining RP servers with a distinct lack of RP. So I started this thread as an open invitation for people to talk about servers that are good to them for RP purposes but don’t get attention due to bigger servers (e.g. NoPixel just to name one of the “big” servers). I guess its my own personal bias, but I want RP servers to have actual storylines happening, but instead all I sense is a similar thing to GTA Online.

So if any has any suggestions, please post below, English servers would be preferred.


I play on a server called California Highway patrol

Its really fun and they get about 15-20 people on daily .
They have great cops and amazing staff members and are still recruiting police.
I recommend it for anyone . I also make videos on it


Mission Statement:
Our team strives to provided a safe and friendly environment for all players that join our community. It is our goal to bring like minded people to come together and create a community that is relaxing, fair and enjoyable for EVERYONE.

Here at Good Company, we are trying to create a community that is fun, relaxing and drama free. We have an active management and development team that is always looking to make the community better, and handle every situation. We gone from, VRP to VRP/FX and now to ESX server framework.
We have found that, this newer framework is going to expand our developers capabilities in creating an environment that is going to be enjoyable for everyone. With the ESF framework, after translations, it gives everyone a better, cleaner GUI for everything. We have a discord, that everyone is welcome to join in. We are always looking for police and civilians.
Many server’s focus to much on the cops. Here at Good Company, we want the civilians to have more fun that cops, doing things around the city. We plan on having a few unique jobs around the server.

We are a fast based Role-play server. Text based RP is allowed, but we would like to encourage more VOIP RP than text. If you have an idea or want something done with the server, our development team would love to here what you have and do our best to make it happen.

The Criminal element
We support criminal organizations! Within these groups, you will have like minded criminals to help you with your criminal activities. In additional to that, your gang or criminal organizations will hold key parts in the black market. Drugs, weapons, sports cars, own bars and clubs, money laundering serveries.

We currently have a mafia and were currently looking for a maffia boss that will deal with and handle the maffia compleatly.
We are looking to host a MC as other gangs.
Please join Us ON DISCORD for more info