Good PC to buy


Hey guys I’m new to this FiveM thing and PC’s. I’ve always played on xbox or ps4 but I have been watching the gta videos on YouTube and it looks awesome. Only thing is, i have no clue what PC I should buy and I dont want to spend a fortune. I also have no clue how to download the FiveM mod.


Don’t want to spend a fortune, build your own and get the best bang for your buck. Building is easier then you think. There are so many YouTube videos out there that can walk you through the entire process.


Anyway you can point me in the right direction? Like I said I have no clue at all lol


What is your budget for a PC? Are you comfortable using a screwdriver to build your own or are you set on purchasing a pre built one? Myself my very first PC I did buy a pre built and upgraded all the parts from there until there was no original parts but my recommendation for you is to build your own and you will really appreciate it a lot more and know whats going into it.


I would love to build my own


How much are you looking to spend?


As little as possible


Just a glimpse on YouTube you can find some budget PC builds like this one.


I’ll watch it and get back to you. Thank you.

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Total for everything it would cost me a little of $700. I dont even have money like that laying around lol


bro check minimum requirements of fivem, I would only recommend buying 16 gigs of ram.


I have no clue what I’m doing haha


Maybe I should stick to my ps4 lol


Once you play fivem, you will realize how worth the it is. I’ve spent 2.5k hours and still can’t get enough. This is what GTA 5 online should have been

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I know the videos look sweet. I just wish I had the cash for a PC ot wish they had it for ps4


buy my used nokia flip phone. it has gtx 2080ti with 200gb of ram. my hosting company recommended higher ram.


Idk what that is


Google - pc part picker. nice site that finds lowest prices, and shows compatibility.
Suggestions are to start with a budget build, then as you can afford upgrade parts to suit your needs.

@lowheartrate shared a nice Video.

Just follow it, pause when needed, etc… It’s not that complicated, just take your time at building… Happy Building, and Happy Gaming.

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