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Welcome to Golden State Role-play! I’m Sergeant Warren Squirrel with the San Andreas State Police, and I am excited to welcome you into our community. We are a newly relaunched community and are currently actively recruiting for many positions.

We are happy you’re interested in one of the fastest growing role play groups. Individuals from around the world apply to our community because of the dedication and effort we put forth into our role playing procedures and day to day community operations.

Administrators and Developers have been working extremely hard to create this successful community. Our goals are to bring realistic vehicles, uniforms, and procedures in to our role play, work to form people’s character for life and simulate what a real-life role-play is like, while still having fun in our family-friendly environment. We hope to continue for years to come.

Members here are long-term role players who have a great mindset for the future of our community. Our goal is to create a professional team that has the time, effort, and loyalty necessary, devoted to this community so we can fully expand our opportunities.

We hope to see you on the streets of San Andreas!

To apply or learn more info:
Join us on Discord:
Or on Teamspeak:


We’re happy to announce the release of our latest server. Keep it mind, it’s still an alpha build as we have a lot of work left to do with bug fixes and balancing. But we’re really excited at the amount of new content that we have available to help with your roleplaying experience.
Some features include:

  • Menu based, limited commands.

  • Cellphones (F9)

  • Jobs:
    Chicken Factory
    Fuel Delivery
    Textile Worker
    Police / EMS (Apply Only)

  • LS Customs is available for owned vehicles.

  • Proximity /me, /do, regular chat, global Tweets, /ooc chat.

  • Voice is set to three levels (Whisper, Normal, Shout) with Left Shift + H

  • Vehicle damage has been revamped to be more real, cars disable much easier than before.

  • Drugs are able to be sold and used, the locations are hidden throughout the map, do some exploring or RP with some friends to find them.

  • Stores can be robbed when two cops are on duty.

  • Weapons are available with a license. Rumor has it there is a black market dealer who sells weapons without the paperwork.

  • Slot machines, a healthy addiction.

  • Customize your character in detail at the clothing shop.

  • Visit your friends in prison and talk to them behind the glass, help them through their difficult times.

  • And much more!

Remember, it’s still a work in progress so please leave us any feedback or bug reports in the appropriate Discord channels. We hope that you enjoy and have a great roleplay experience!