GO ROBLOXbffbfbhffh

GO ROBLOXbdbdbdhdhdfbfndndndjdj

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To complete it was also to show the driving license.
Can you do that?

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I’m not thinking about doing it, but if you want to do it you can


why so many requests?

local getData = MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT fnome , unome , ddata , FROM users WHERE identifier = @id', {
['@id'] = xIdentifier

	if getData[1] then
            -- do whatever you want

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That’s a vRP script converted to ESX, lovely but can be better.


can u give me the vrp one?

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És só mesmo muito ridículo, cresce e aparece. Já vi isso nalgum sítio.

Isso é 1 - 1 do Kuana, és muita retarda rapaz

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@Jordan01 Que eu saiba fui eu q fiz esse script. Qual a cena de colocares o teu nome a criador?

@Jordan01This script is mine, why are you taking from me and publishing it on this forum? You are so ******…

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Ofc, you can’t :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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According to git commit history and other evidence, this is deemed stolen and not yours.

If you can prove otherwise that you made this, you can flag the main topic