[Globally Banned] I use 1 cheat in my server to test the anti-cheat


I’m Making a RP Server and i install 1 Anti-Cheat, 1 join in fivem 1 time with the cheat and after 1 week i got banned, there is no method to revoke this ban?
i have the proof

im making a RP Server


If you are using cheats, then yes FiveM is going to pick up on that and ban you. It would be a nightmare to say “this server doesn’t use the global anti-cheat” and it also being another possible exploit for people who makes these cheats.

I’d suggest sitting out the 2 week ban and don’t use cheats next time.


but i need to configure my server and i can’t wait 2 weeks


You don’t need to have FiveM to make your server. Just add a bunch of stuff and test it out later. FiveM has a built in anti-cheat so there’s no need for you to test it.


That’s what you get for using cheats I guess, next time use a server side menu like vMenu.


I’m sorry, but if you’re making your own server, you should be able to make your own anti-cheats too…

Even SRCDS has -insecure to disable the default cheat system… there should be no issue to allow cheats on your own server in development… Banning someone for testing something on their own private server doesn’t affect anyone else.

I am against players using cheats in public or against other players, but for a server in development it is important you know the capabilities of either a built-in anti-cheat so you can report issues or create your own.


It clearly states not to inject into the client which they did, so at the end of the day they got banned for using cheats no matter there reason as we do not know this is the actual case.

anyone can say whatever they want if they think they can get out of a ban, not saying its the case here but who knows… it could be.

These are client side anti cheats you can still make anti cheats for the ones that do not bypass scripthook such as teleporting and speed mods and whatever… if other people manage to do it so can others.


This is not garrysmod. There is no reason to inject a cheat into the game. You dont need it for testing at all… they have scripthook options for that reason.


Has some mods menus that work and run events