Glacier Gaming RP | DOJ Styled RP | Looking for Police/EMS |




My name is Viper. I am a co-founder and head admin on the Glacier Gaming Roleplay server.

At Glacier Gaming we dedicate our time and effort into making this server the best it can be and enjoyable for all.

Our staff thrive to make the community better for our members an to help them the best we can.

Our staff are friendly and available to answer your questions and concerns about the community, server, or other players.

We have plenty of addon cars for anyones liking and are always open to suggestions for more.

We have multiple styles of LEO cars all of which have our custom made skins on them. Including Fire and EMS, We will soon have a full Fire Department Fleet with 10 cars all with custom skins not based off any other RP server.

We have a custom online cad styled after DOJ’s 2nd rendition.

Our Server has many custom made scripts codrd by the owner for all sorts of things, that no other server has.

All departments are looking for members including Civ and Dispatch. To Join Dispatch you do not need GTA 5 and FiveM just a computer that can run discord and a web-browser with the CAD/MDT open.

We have a couple special departments currently open like SWAT, Gang Task Force, and Dive Search and Rescue. And will be opening more as we grow the community.

Feel free to join us on the server and in our discord at the following
Server IP:
Discord Link:

I would like to thank you for reading and thinking about joining our community.


are you willing to join our community we are looking for members and we are a little community


Sadly we are not looking for any form of partnership at this time. But thank you for the offer and wish your community the best of luck.


hey anyone up to a partnership


Discord invite invalid.


We would love to partner with you!