Im trying to make a default loadout, and this is my line here:

		GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), GetHashKey("WEAPON_BAT"), 1, false, false)

My question is, how do i give a parachute? its not a weapon so im not sure what function i wanna use.


Maybe try this?

GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), "GADGET_PARACHUTE", 1, false, false)

Haven’t tested it but if GADGET_PARACHUTE is the correct weapon name for a parachute it should work.

If not, take a look at this native and the ones below it and try something with that:


This removed the loadout completely. You can see the full pastebin here:


This exact code worked for me:

GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), "GADGET_PARACHUTE", 1, false, false)

I didn’t see you use this in your pastebin…?
Line 9 you tried to use this GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), 0xFBAB5776, true) but that’s not what you should do. Try the line I sent you and put it in exactly like I did. Instead of just putting in the hash (0xFBAB5776), actually put in "GADGET_PARACHUTE".


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