Gio's all blue lights request service [FREE]


I’ve recently gotten back into my all blues kick, and since I’ve been posting some of them, I thought I’d make a thread here for server owners. If you want a vehicle (or vehicles) lights all blue, send me a PM here or add me on Discord with a link to the vehicle/pack and any other relevant information.

My Discord: Giordano#1827

My only stipulation is that I be allowed to post the all blues on to share with others who may want it. I will not take requests for server only edits


Bump! You can also add me on Discord, which is listed above.


Send you a FR ((20Char))


Jelle Kremers, unfortunately, I never got that request. What’s yours?

I’m still taking requests!


Bump, still taking requests for all blues.


i added you on discord but was not able to msg you


@Giordano can you add me WieldyGalaxy#2995 I really need this done for my community