Ghmattimysql: My MySQL Implementation for FiveM [1.0.0]



I have never had problems with being to slow, I was just wondering, is it worth to replace it, what else is better with it? does it have any bad parts with it that MySQL-Async does better? as it is right now i use lua, would u say its better to use this in the end?


It actually uses prepared statements. Instead of escaping it manually. Imho it is not worth it to replace if you have the mysql-async node variant going. Which is pretty smooth on windows.


That freeze seem to be gone, but it still does not free any RAM and it keeps climbing. If I knew how to use perf properly, I could run one to crash and hand it someone with actual expertise towards the linux builds.

The script I ran is in the deleted message.


Released 1.0.0

Also sorry Linux servers. You won’t be able to run this and have to stick with the C# version, which is for everything BUT reads on par with this version. The read is somewhere between two to three times faster, due to buffer issues of the underlying MysqlConnector with fivem.

If you then include the possiblity of using ssl and other niceties you can easily see why I am going forward with developing node.js version of ghmattimysql and mysql-async, instead of continuing the C# development.

For the next version I will do something about the error reporting probably, which is still a bit too verbose. And hopefully finish the docs.