Getting Started



Hi everyone, I recently got a PC and I need help with three things if anyone can please help me. I need help learning how to run and join gta 5 servers, how to make LSPFR work, and finding a police roleplaying community on GTA 5. If someone can respond or email me at . Thank You!!!


Another person feeling privileged.

I’m going to repeat myself:

You will learn how to run a server by searching up information that already exists and should there any questions arise, you can ask in this forum and whoever has time and is willing to help will reply (if you have actually put effort into making something and are not asking to be done everything for you). Searching up information and using it to make something and not asking someone to explain you something that you could easily find on the internet is probably the biggest part of the learning curve. You are developing your brain. That’s pretty much how everyone does it around here I think.