Getting started with LUA


Hey guys,

Alright so I am currently in a small team of friend and we want to open our own FiveM server. But here is the thing, they can all understand it -more or less- and manage to do small things with the scripting work. As a part of the team, I’d like to help them but I don’t know anything about LUA, so I did some research over the internet and I found a tutorial website ( ).

(English is not my native language, so if you know an other one is French it would be perfect, but I can handle English)

My question is: is it ok for me (as an pure amateur) to learn with this ? I’d be really greatful if any of you could tell me if this website is ok or if there is a better way to learn. Will it be enough to help them at first ? Later on I’d like to learn it properly, that way I could do some stuff on my own. I have a shit ton of ideas but my amateurism is frustrating me so much…

By the way, I am really sorry if I created this topic in the wrong section. This is my very first topic.

Best regards,