Getting instant timeouts and crazy high pitch warnings


Hi, im having issues with my FiveM server, the specifications is good, but im still getting instant timeouts and crazy high pitch warnings.

System specifications


Windows Server 2016 (2008 tried aswell)
4 Cores
250/500 Internet speed

I tried deactivating the firewall and other anti virus. Including Windows Defender.

I tried reinstalling the OS and changing the MTU.

Any ideas?


try to disable windows updates. Check the Task Manager / Resourcemonitor if there is a bottleneck.
To check if you have routing issues to your server, start WinMTR:
If you see Loss on the last entry (your server) contact your server provider.




I ran the test and getting only Sent/Reviced.

Any other tips? :slight_smile:


could you provide a screenshot?




Here you go.

I blurred out half of the IP’s


from your server to your client, not from your server to your server ^^ so put your client IP in the WinMTR textbox:




I’ve made a .gif of the program using my client to the server ip.



You see anything? :slight_smile:


not really, better send a full screenshot. But the target seems not to have loss, means there is no routing issue. Better contact your server provider.




Here you go. Full screenshot!


no routing issue, contact your server provider if the server is still unstable.



CPU weight seemed to be the issue.


If you cannot fix your issues send me a private message :slight_smile: and ill try to assist you