Georgia State Roleplay


Welcome to Georgia State Roleplay Community! We are a new and constantly evolving roleplay community looking for new members to come and join us. We offer a variety of different departments for you to choose from and we’re sure you’ll love everything else we have to offer.

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What Is Georgia State Roleplay?

Georgia State Roleplay is a serious, yet enjoyable FiveM community. We have recently opened and currently looking for new members to fill our ranks. Our leadership is built of people that strive to create the most enjoyable server to be on.

Our community currently has 2 developers but we are hiring, several departments, custom vehicle packs and we are constantly working on new ways to create different and unique roleplay for our members.


Features of GSRP:

Development Team
Multiple Departments to apply for.
Experienced and dedicated Leadership
Custom Vehicle Packs
Dedicated Field Training Officers
Fluid rank system.


Departments currently in use (more coming!):

  • Georgia State Troopers [RECRUITING]

  • Georgia State Dispatchers [RECRUITING]

  • San Andreas Fire & EMS [RECRUITING]

  • Life Line Civilian Operations [RECRUITING]

Departments that is hiring!

  • Development team!


Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope we will see you on the server!


Added a better looking and more information to the post!


Hey, im one of the owners/developers of this server, i wanna thanks all people for joining the server and already did. we hope you can make our dreams come true!


Roleplaying right now!

hop on for some fun rp!