GentlemanRp [SERIOUS RP] [Whitelisted Cops & EMS] | Illegal & Legal Jobs | Custom Cars | Active Admins | Good Community | POLICE & EMS APPLICATIONS [OPEN]



Gentleman RP
• Fantastic Community
• Great Role Players and Role Playing experiences
• Active Admins
• Ton of unique jobs like Cargo missions, Hacking jobs, Drugs, and A TON MORE
• Cops are trained by an Actual Cop
• Fair Rules
• Serious Rp


Server IP -
Or Search Gentleman Rp


Here are the rules for the server. This is a Role Playing server but there is some leniency in RP. We are not robots and this is a game, but please read over the rules. These will be updated as time goes on so please check back once in while. We will announce if any changes have been made.

  1. You are required to have a working mic. This is need to RP properly. If you don’t have a mic you will be (Kicked)

  2. NLR or New life rules is in effect on our server once you die you forget everything leading up to the incident. You cannot come back to the scene of your death for 15 mins. Upon returning to the scene, If scenario if still active you are not to get involved. No revenge killing if you died , you died. (Ban)

  3. You Must RP at all times. Fail RP is the failure to stay in character. You must role play once contacted will anyone. Failure to do so will result in a (Warning), then a (Kick) and finally a (Ban)


  5. No Metagaming (Kicked)

  6. No Combat Logging (Kicked/Ban)

  7. No Cop Baiting (Kicked/Ban)

  8. No Racism (Perma)

  9. No stealing emergency Vehicles (Kicked/Ban)

  10. Trolling (Ban)

  11. Hacking or exploiting (Perma)

  12. Have Fun ::slight_smile:

Starting Out FAQ

  • When you first log into the server you will be at the main spawn in the middle of the city. Please change your ID to show a first name and last name for your character. It only costs $150 and you start with $1,000. You can then select a job in the same building. Jobs vary in what you do, from mechanic to bank driver. They all give money upon completing the task and a salary per set amount of time.

  • For the mechanic job, you will need to drive to the mechanic symbol to receive your truck or tow truck, and your repair kits.

  • For the taco/water, and delivery jobs, you just drive to the starting locations. It will give you an amount of items you need to deliver. Go to the market, buy what you need, then deliver.

  • If you would like to get into illegal jobs, they are marked on the map and require you to become a drug dealer to start. Keep in mind, while doing these illegal activities, police will be notified of these activities through their dispatch.
    You go to the weed field to gather seeds. Then process them. Once that is done you sell them in the city.
    For LSD and Cocaine, you need to speak to an informant. He spawns randomly around the map and is shown as a speech bubble. You have a limited amount of time to get to him before he disappears. You pay him the fee and he will give you the location of the LSD and Cocaine dealers.


Dunko released a new update to the mod we are using. We will be updating the server tonight.

List of changes:

  • Changed Menu Layout - Thanks
  • Added lock car back, press U to lock/unlock your car
  • Fixed Ammo “Money Glitch”
  • Fixed Driving Licence & Medical Weed blips
  • General improvements (this covers things I’ve added and forgot to list :P)
  • Removed Trucker Job
  • Added Santa mission
  • Added Santa cloakroom & vehicle
  • Added Santa job role - This is admin only and has to be given by adding the role “Santa”
  • Added further mission translation
  • Added vrp_truckerjob - Thanks
  • Added Cargo Pilot job & mission - Thanks
  • Added Airline Pilot job - Thanks
  • Added Mouse for the menu - Thanks
  • Added additional blips for Cargo, Nite Club, Bank Driver, Club, Beach Bar & Blue Airlines
  • Added vrp_slotmachine - Thanks
  • Added vrp_barrier - Thanks
  • Added BrockALPR (numpad 5 to activate) - Credit
  • Added Realistic Vehicle Failure (last minute addition, needs further testing) - Credit @jens_s
  • Temp removed Thirst & Hunger, trying to revamp this


We are Recruiting Police and Ems if you would like to become one of these jobs please visit our forum or our discord


What mod are you guys using me and my friend are interested in becoming cops


We are using Dunko’s VRP mod.


Dunko s VRP oh tight great mod ill be joining


How many active cops and ems do u guys have?