General Handshake failure


Hello. im trying to join any server on the list, but when im connecting through the list, it says General Handshake failure. i did clean install gta v and then FiveReborn. but still it makes the same. do you guys have any clue of this?!


@interfalcon Do u have steam running in the background? If not try installing it and log in.


I dont have the steam version of gtav


@interfalcon Neither do I. But Its worth a shoot. And I know that there is an option on the server host config called:
set to false to require players to be signed in to Steam
DisableAuth: true


So can i even connect any server because i have nonsteam gta v (bought one through rockstargames) ?


@interfalcon Sure. I do and I have the same.


@COndor But i dont get it all, what i need to do that i can connect any server on that list?


@interfalcon Download and install steam client. Create a quick account if u don’t have one. To rule out that this not another issue u can try download fivereborn server edition and see if u can connect to you own server. Enjoy!