Gameconfig.xml server stream


Does anyone know how to convert the gameconfig.xml file to be streamed server side because it would eliminate all of the rage errors my server is experiencing. I my know a few things of coding but not enough to convert xml to the file format to stream onto the server. I know it can be done because I heard other servers have done this but they will not let me know how. If someone could help me out that would be amazing!!! Thank you!


Don’t think you can stream the xml file.


I know you cant stream xml. I need someone to convert it to a different format for me so i can stream it. If someone knew how to convert it, that would be amazing


except… a) it can’t be done and b) gameconfig changes won’t fix any error you’re having at all


yes it would, I wish fivem would install a modifiable gameconfig.xml and a visualsettings.dat it would help eliminate crashing from cars and other scripts. Plus it would stabilize the servers across the board. why do you think Grand Theft Auto Five has those files for their online service?


do note we already include a gameconfig.xml with limits people ran into increased, crashes you get will not be fixed by fucking with these even more



see my name
see also citizen\common\data