Game crash caused by physics validation


Trying this again here, I hope to get a proper discussion.

Aaaaanyway, I am sure this error should be well known by now:

I am not really a FiveM user myself, but I get messages caused by this error quite often from users trying to use some selected vehicle mods of mine (mostly presidential mod like the Air Force One) on their servers.

And to be honest, I can’t quite understand why this was implemented, as the vehicles worked ingame and caused no harm and there is pretty much no fix for this, alienating the mods from FiveM use.

I understand that on the other side people would complain about FiveM stability when in reality it’s caused by some f*cked up vehicle mod and the like.
But I still believe there could/should be something to combine both worlds. Instead of just letting the game crash, why not display a message making the user aware of possible complications when using this vehicle, then every server admin can decide for themselves.


Thanks for not reading what i wrote lol

I am the creator of the mod. And this is a sample message that user sent me.


there is, use a fixed exporter like the latest versions of ZModeler/GIMS, both have been updated to fix these collision mesh issues since we reported the data inconsistency a few months ago.


You mean like the up-to-date ZModeler I updated last week before I exported said file?

GIMS does not really support vehicles.

I am wondering why there had to be such a drastic “fix” to something which was not drastically broken.


i would love this to be fixed, because personally i love the Air Force One, and i also really badly need a working Ladder truck for my server


gonna bump this real quick


I have to agree. These crashes are pretty annoying and condescending especially since there is literally no plane addon that does not cause this crash. We have a realistic pilot school and we would love to fly some addon planes but there are just none that work without crashing with this error, even solid ones like this:


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