FxServer start only 1resource


when i start my server, he load only 1resource.

Someone can help me?


Put start <resource_name> in the server.cfg


Or maybe you are forgetting +exec server.cfg

To start an fx server

./run.cmd +exec server.cfg

sh run.sh +exec server.cfg


Im having the EXACT same problem. It starts the one resource then sends heartbeat. This is very annoying as no one seems to be able to successfully solve this and I have a community that is waiting for the server to be back up.


Inb4: The server.cfg isn’t getting loaded probably because you are in the wrong folder.

Sessionmanager always gets loaded…


I got the exact same error.

here is my folder: https://i.gyazo.com/98eb3dadbf9251dfc4ed1355b457ba33.png

And im executing: sh run.sh +exec server.cfg


LUL, i found the problem. I forgot the cfx-server-data-master!! xD


Now the server is starting, but when I try to load in I cannot load resource sessionmanager. Any solutions?


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