FX Server not running on CentOS


Hello, I am trying to run fx-server on CentOS but I am getting this:

[root@chicago fx-server-data]# sudo ./run.sh
proot error: execve("/opt/cfx-server/FXServer"): Permission denied
proot info: possible causes:

  • the program is a script but its interpreter (eg. /bin/sh) was not found;
  • the program is an ELF but its interpreter (eg. ld-linux.so) was not found;
  • the program is a foreign binary but qemu was not specified;
  • qemu does not work correctly (if specified);
  • the loader was not found or doesn’t work.
    fatal error: see proot --help.
    proot error: can’t chmod ‘/tmp/proot-18870-d08d2N’: No such file or directory


disable/properly configure selinux


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