FuseRP - Serious RP - | Whitelisted LSPD / EMS / FIRE | Legal & Illegal Jobs


Who we are

Welcome to FuseRP, Looking for a respectful serious role-play community then you have come to the right place.

At FuseRP we have an active team running the servers, including, Developers, Community Manager, Admin Team & Moderators.

We are now live and looking to build on the community please feel free to pass through and try us out at FuseRP on Fivem.

Our development team are working daily with updates and development.

Forums: www.fuserp.com
TeamSpeak IP: ts3.fuserp.com:10200
Discord: https://discord.gg/jttmUEK

What makes us unique?

We are here to build a community for everyone to come, have fun and enjoy, the team will listen and respond to the community with positive approaches to all situations or issues.

Whitelisted Departments

LSPD with 4 departments (with custom cars & more to come)
· Blaine County Sheriff
· GNT (Gang & Narcotics)
· Swat (Coming soon)
· Highway Patrol

LSFD / EMS (with custom cars & more to come)
Medic and Fire Department

FAA (Airlines) included with Jobs & Licences

All of the above you can apply to join on the forums at www.Fuserp.com


· 24/7 Uptime on a dedicated high end box
· Friendly Community
· Voice System (changes talk / hear ranges ingame)
· Jail and Fines
· Money System (including dirty money)
· Money Laundering
· Banking
· Inventory systems
· Shops / Stores & Banks (Buy and Rob Features)
· Licences (Driving, car and bike, Weapon licence)
· Gun shops (legal and illegal)
· Clothing Stores
· Barbers
· Tattoo Shops (save on character)
· Custom Handling and realistic driving script
· LSPD (K9 units) (Fully custom menu with lots of features including props cones, spikes and barriers)
· Licence System
· Personal garages, LS Customs & Bennys. (All upgrades save)
· Emotes
· Phone system (call taxi, LSPD, EMS, add friends, messages etc)
· Hands up script
· Point script
· Vehicle Damage
· Repair kits / Lock picks
· Food & Hunger (more food / thirst items added soon with special effects)
· LSPD PTT System
· Houses (In but disabled currently until fixes are made as exploits available on items)

Civilian Activities

The main feature we are working for here is menu based to ease game play.

· Taxi & UBER jobs, UBER available in any car for AI Jobs.
· Logging Work
· Pork / Butcher
· Gold Mining
· Drugs (Weed and Cocaine) Meth coming soon with special features…
· Truck Driving Jobs
· Fishing

Coming SOON…

Whitelisted jobs / businesses / gangs

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to meeting you new people :wink:

Looking for a Brand new roleplying community to join as an Emergency Service personal

+1 Awesome server !
I’ve been playing on this server for a while now … mature ppl , serious rp , best community so far ! GG guys!


I absolutely love this place thanks for posting and i hope to meet some new folks around the city 1+ for FuseRP


+1 Been playing on the server since day 1
Always new updates for jobs. Active developers and a friendly community!


Just played on this server for the first time, had a great experience, very well developed and a all around different experience then what i have had in the past!


I love it :slight_smile: great post


This server uses copy and paste scripts… It has nothing original. This server also has super corrupt people running it, The server owner hd-neat has been known to be a super corrupt person. I played on the server and my experience was crap



We are open for constructive criticism on the server to make the environment a better place for all, just for your information server owners and script makers share information when they want to which helps everyone make a place we can enjoy.

Yes we have scripts that are shared, who doesn’t? but we are also making and working on most that we have in already.

Me being corrupt statement is not needed or relevant here, for one i am not the server owner and from your comment tells me this came from a very few selected people which also shows in your new account on fivem.net.

I am the Chief Of Police on FuseRP which at the moment is a very small department, we left another community which i am sure your aware of and will continue to proceed with server development.

I wish you well in what ever you do but please do post unwanted / needed comments on a server listing for completely unrelated subjects that DO NOT relate to the server.




You must be playing on wrong server, there is nothing corrupt about fuserp or Hd-neat, the server is awesome.


Great server to play on, good, active people, great RP, looking forward to more fun RP sessions.


Hi all,

Thanks for coming onto FuseRP, We are on a recruitment weekend for everyone to apply for both LSPD and Fire / EMS departments.

Both departments open up another level of RP for all to enjoy you can apply using the links below, (if you do not see the links make sure your signed into the forums.



Fire / EMS


We wish you all the the best on apply and hope to see you in game.



Been playing past week one of the best servers going, needs few tweaks here and there however dev team are really understanding and are working like mad would defo recommend!


Terrible server, run by terrible people. Corruption everywhere , LSPD and admin team. Donate to win mentality.

A terrible STRP wannabe.


I liked your post,

Nice effort :wink:


thanks for the “bump” on the post :slight_smile: cheers!


Hi, for all the new players coming from here please check out the Rules on the forums, link below:



New Handling file is implemented today, also developers added some new cars into the dealership.

Its also snowing right now so be careful driving as the handling file plus the snow can be difficult.



Special Weekend MONEY GIVEAWAY.

We looking to populate the server for everyone’s experience with role-play.

Anyone playing this weekend from this moment onward will be rewarded $100k ingame money.

Have fun all.


Ill be on in a few mins i could do with $100k! Been on a bit now super freindly staff! +1 Server hope to see you guys on :wink:


+1 give ma moooneaaaaayyyh !!!