FRP | Custom Police Cars Fire And EMS | MDT | Custom Jobs | New Community Looking For People |Lots Of Custom Scripts


Hello my name is Preston also known as Presty1 I am the director of FrozenRP Along With
THETECHGUYGAMING we are looking for new members to join our server. We are a brand new community. You can join our server at this IP Address

We are always fixing bugs and issues so the server will run smoothly!!!

You May Also Join Our Discord Here

We have legal jobs and Illegal jobs you can sell weed to npc’s and even players.You can go hunting and you can also buy houses and purchase and store cars. You can rob banks, rob jewelry store, also tackle people for fun. We have Benny’s Motor Works and LS Customs. Also we have our very own custom UI and oxygen tank. We just added a customs weapon store. Also purchase boats and planes and store them. We have lots to do and cant wait to see you on the server.

To Apply For Cop,EMS, Fire Department, and Dispatching click this link