FRP | Custom Police Cars Fire And EMS | MDT | Custom Jobs | New Community Looking For People |Lots Of Custom Scripts| All Departments Are Hiring


Hello my name is Preston also known as Presty1 I am the director of FrozenRP Along With
THETECHGUYGAMING we are looking for new members to join our server. We are a brand new community. You can join our server at this IP Address We are always looking for new people we are growing and always updating good things into the server.

You May Also Join Our Discord Here
Our Website

We Fixed the issue causing bad FPS so server runs a whole lot smoother now!!

Things on FrozenRP

Illegal Jobs
Sell Weed To Npcs
Benny’s Motor Works and LS Customs
Purchase Boats and Planes and store them
Also we have our very own custom UI and oxygen tank
buy houses and purchase and store cars
Rob Banks and General Stores
Rob Jewelry Store
Crouch and Proning
Tackle People
And Much More!!!

Just added a model menu to change to npc models

Cant wait to see you on the server!!!

Our server is open to applications on the website for Police.
We will be releasing applications for Fire Department.
If you want to become EMS just ask me or Tech. You need some knowledge of taking care of people. :smile: