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Frozen Network Gaming

Server Info -
RP Server -
MilSim -
Teamspeak - or FNG

Who we are -
Frozen Network Gaming is made up of people who love roleplaying as civilian and as LEOs. We love real-life emergency responders, in fact our Fire Chief is a Fireman/EMT in real life! We dedicate loads of our time to develop and make the server better. As Directors and staff we do not treat you like we are so much better than you we treat you like family. We care about the people in our community more than anything.

What we do -
At Frozen Network Gaming we roleplay on one of two servers, Main RP and MilSim. We roleplay as law enforcement and we have a few civilians as well. At Frozen Network Gaming we don’t only roleplay we are here as friends and are always there to talk. We have an awesome dev team that works 24/7 to make our server great. BTW our dev team always needs more people. Custom assets and scripts our what make our server worth your while.

What we need -
We need you! We need you to lead our departments, lead our administration. We need leaders out there to make the server great!

We would love to have you on Frozen Network Gaming!


If you like fire then you’re in luck! We just got this!


Yeah we always need members!


We just got our new website! ( It is still a work in progress.


Another new fire truck!!!


I’ve been working all day on the website and we are adding LiveMap soon!



We just got our CAD/MDT up!


Another new firetruck!


Just got the new tiller ladder in!


LAFD Fleet now released! We still have the old trucks though.