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Frontline Roleplay, What were about!
We are a newer community with about 50 members so far. We strive to have great roleplay and always take stuff with enjoyment and seriousness. We are a lambda menu based server and always seem to have fun with it! We have 3 departments at the moments, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas State Troopers and San Andreas Fire Department. All of our vehicles are lore friendly and are different than most.
Server Promotional Video:

Civilians, What they bring!
Civilians bring the roleplay, they are the one who create the experience that people see and feel for when they are roleplaying. they are the ones who make it or break if for this server and i would like this to be the strongsuit of our server. I want the people that get on for a roleplay say, hey this was a fun rp i want to do this again! so far we do not have whitelisted civilians yet so it up to you to make this community great. We do not tolerate Fail Roleplay and will take immediate action if so. If you want to Join this community all I ask of you is to make the experience for others! Thank you.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, What do they bring!

  • Has Custom EUP
  • Has Custom Non-els cars
  • Has its own Department helicopter
  • Has a real sheriff as its department head
  • Has Open and Available Slots
  • Has Brand new skins

    Promotional Video: (outdated skins)
    This department has the most members right now but is still recruiting. they always have at least 2 members on every patrol and know their laws like the back of their hand. they mostly patrol blaine county with the state troopers and have a wildlife sub department. If you want to figure out more of the department join the discord and talk to the department!

San Andreas State Troopers, What do they bring!

  • Has Custom EUP
  • Has Custom Non-els cars
  • Has its own Department helicopter
  • Has Open and Available Slots
  • Has Brand New cars and skins

    Promotional video: (WIP)
    At the Moment this department is really looking for members. They have a great head and have brand new fresh cars. this department still lacking the members but always has 2 members on and can always bring out the experience. they patrol with pride and do not take any nonsense. If you want to know more about the department Contact one of the members in SAST and they will lead you in the right direction!

San Andreas Fire Department

  • Has Custom EUP
  • Has a 2 department Helicopters
  • Has new skined Ambulances
  • Has All custom FD Vehicles
  • Has a fire script

this department has the least people in it right now so I want to make this department bigger this department has ton of vehicles from you to choses from and if is wanting you. if you would like to Join the Fire department join the discord and talk to the people in FD.
IF you have anymore question contact me on this forum or contact me on discord, Thank you!

Nice to know you have a pubic server.

How do you expect 5 lines and no pictures or anything to make your server interesting for people to join? I know I won’t be joining by reading the 5 lines of information.

accidently posted it had a backup so here you go!