FriendsRP| Developer Needed :)




FriendsRP are looking for a extra pair of hands on the development side.
we are using a version of Fcore.
We are a new Whitelist community that almost have 30 members. and hoping to grow bigger
hoping to make a good and fun Server to rp on.
This is our Trello (Not much in use)

What i need from you?
I need someone that can make scripts. i can some Lua but im not as good as i hope to be.
im still learning.

Somthing you need form us? Please tell!

we want a developer that trust us 110% and a developer we can trust 110%

our Website:

we are using a Dedibox that you will get access to. we know this will take some time, and we are all fully commited to this project.

Dedi specs: (can upgrade it if needed)
4 Cores x 3.0Ghz CPU

I Look Forward to Hearing From You.


This would also be violating FiveM’s TOS! So if anyone asks for money for a script/resource/mod that they’ve made for FiveM, please report it to


Still Looking for someone to help :slight_smile:


Keen to help, add me on Discord: Adam.#2963


added you now :slight_smile:


has dedicated server, but free domain



I am still waiting for your answer. FilipMB#4507