Friends can't see add-on vehicles!



Hi all,

I’m having some trouble with add-on cars not being visible to my friends when they join my server, Does anyone know how I can fix this?



take my template car master
put all files.meta in the folder data.
put all files .yft, .ytd, _hi.yft in the stream folder
rename the folder “template car master” by the id of the car, you can find it in vehicule.meta.
settin the file vehicule. lua (‘game name car’, ‘name of the car’) find it in vehicule.meta
setting the file __resource.lua, that depend how many files you have in the data folder
put the folder car in your recource
start the folder name car in your .cfg
restart the server

template-car-master.rar (868 Bytes)


The models are possible high poly. It may take time for them to “download” nd to see them.


Thanks for the help, Used the car master template which seems to have fixed the issue. :smile:


How do you install the Add-on cars because maybe your friends don’t see it because it is a High Quality car and they just have to wait. Or if you did not install it write go watch my YTB tutorial. Here.