Friends Can't Join My FXServer How Do I Make It So Other People Can Join?


When I give friends a server IP the server won’t show up in fivem Only I can access the server


Did you read any of the guides on the forums about port forwarding or on how to setup a server? you should always look around before making a topic.

Use the search function on the forums and your answer will be there.

Also are you giving out your internal ip address or external? a lot of people make this mistake.


I tried port forwarding and I looked on the forums either im just retarded or I missed a step. this is my first time doing this so having some issues lol.


what ip address are you giving them? the internal or external ip? this is commonly mistaked.


first was internal I believe then an external and on their side it said server not found.


Hey I need your help please. so I have port forwarded gave my friend the IPv4 address all my firewalls are off my anti virus is off and it still not showing up says server could not be found. Any solution?


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