FR:RP First Response Roleplay Anoyone can be Sheriff,SAHP,BCFD/EMS And CIV,VRP,CAD,ELS,EUP, Police Interaction Script,K9 Script, NO APPLICATIONS!



for a limited time all applications have been waved. if you want to join, any emergency services, you can until Monday. all you have to do a interview for verification purposes.

⭐ CS:RP || Colorado State Roleplay | State & Sheriff Hiring | Custom LEO Vehicles and Skins | Highly detailed Peds | CAD/MDT | Still In Development |
#24 ADDED Police Interaction Script; Allows you to pull over AI and respond to callouts


post bump!!! still looking for people, we had an amazing patril with the 7 civs and pis combined! we are still accepting applicatons!


post bump!!! /20 char


post bump! over 60 members and we are still recruiting!!


Aye Dont join this community I literally just joined and I say how is everyone doing today and than the owner want to claim that im taking people from his community and literally I just joined the community. I’m a admin from a different community so apparently admin from other community’s want to come and take there members and plus I didn’t even message nobody to try to the come a different sever like wow this community and the owner need some improvements to do here I hope whoever joins this community doesn’t meet this person and plus they dont have no respect for you whats so ever.


because you did come and advertise. we have respect for all of our members, except those who come from other communities and try to recruit, by the way. we are still recruiting! we need fire/ems sheriff and civ


added K9 script and VRP and server sided els! still looking for members and we are active every weekend and weeknight. all departments are still hiring and high positions are available!


POST BUMP…we are doing a patrol as we speak join up and get trained!


volunteer highway patrol is approved on the server “restrictions apply”


bump still hiring!!!


post bump… Any one can be cop ems or civ!



post bump!!! please join us we are looking for people who want to join us.


post bump! 20 char


added Department of transportation job,


Highway patrol is closed
everything else is still open and three departments need HOD’s