FPS Not going any higher than 40



So I recently started play FiveM rp servers. They are very enjoyable but want to know how to fix this lag.
Pc specs:
Gtx 1060 6gb
I7 7700
16gb ram
My graphics are the lowest possible and the game looks horrible. Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


It’s probably because some unoptimized resources on the servers that you play on, not much you can do about it other then contacting the server owners!


try joining a server you wanna play on and then in the console (open it with F8) type “resmon 1”, then resize it to a readable size and send a screenshot here.


Is this new? Or am I crazy?


relatively new, yes


It’s not just the one server. It all of them.


even the pinned servers? the green ones at the top of the serverlist


Some yes. Also I was watching FiveM streams earlier and people with worse pc specs than me are running high graphics with 50-60 frames


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