FPS In Loby and game locked on 63/4


Framerate knocked me to 63, and when I put it on very high and when I put it on the same, it’s the same as my framerate, when I go to the same fim the same is fps 63, how can I fix it
Thank you


turn off vsync?


Yeah man


I had same problem uptdate your graphic driver


FiveM’s menu runs on top of GTAV’s menu/loading screen. GTAV is limited to 64fps on the pause screens for some reason. It’s not really a FiveM bug but it was an odd choice for Rockstar. Also welcome to the forums dikkatdeliyim… that’s a key-full.


limited to 60, and in fivem it’s extended to 120, but it’s an odd timing loop so usually runs a bit below it

also this topic makes no sense - ‘framerate knocked me’, what?


It’s not a FiveM timing issue, the 64fps limit is present in the normal game as well, at least for me who plays at 144hz.