ForceQuit. Make a user quit the game cleanly


After seeing the crash command and how it always hangs your game which you need to use task manager to quit (At least I do)

Behold, ForceQuit!
This will simply close the game of the user you want effectively and wont leave it hanging!

/forcequit all - Quits everyone from the server immediately (Including you) useful for clearing up
/forcequit [ID] Forcequits the specified users id.

Update! Added a whitelist in server.lua along with 2 new commands!:
/forcesplit [all/id] Splits them into a weird singleplayer sort of session
/forceload [all/id] Sticks a user into an infinite loading screen

Finally, download!
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For some reason this event wont trigger?

/forcequit thread


lmao. brilliant…


myyyyyyyyyyy boy love it


Does it confict with original GTA? I mean if I understand your Code right you force a Socialclub update so whats with bans from Rockstars or something like that? is it safe?


Ive had many people test and had absolutely no side effects, so as far as i know, it should be safe, i mean, your social club should be up to date anyway if youre playing fivem.


aaaaaaaaah thank you :slight_smile:


Just Updated! Added a command whitelist in server.lua instead, as well as two new commands!:
/forcesplit [all/id] Splits them into a weird singleplayer sort of session
/forceload [all/id] Sticks a user into an infinite loading screen

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If anyone is ever worried about people trolling on their servers, this is the perfect way to troll back.


Sure is! This one was just too good to not use after i found it


It comes up with the message that his been quitted but his still ingame. Got a fix for this?


Works fine for me
Try a redownload?


This is perfect :joy: :mascot:


LMFAO i am so installing this on my server gonna be hilarious to prank friends with



I am currently having an issue with adding admins to be able to use the command. I inputted the steam 64 converted to hex as both of these and still do not have permission to use the command any idea why?




Hello - I am getting the message saying I have force quit all users but they are still in game. Does this no longer work?


I know its quite a simple thing to do but could you add /quit and it would do the same as if it were the console command?


It isn’t that simple, as there isn’t a native that actually just force quits the game “cleanly”, besides using the ForceUpdate method, which exists the game (without being able to cancel it) but not instantly.


you are doing such a great job i must say, keep it up!