Forced IDs after 2/12 update?


Hello - via the update pushed out today there are now “forced” overhead player IDs. Is there anyway to disable these without needing to run a resource? Our server’s call signs look exactly like the IDs (especially as they increase) so we would like to disable. Thoughts?

[How To] Player name over head (vRP)

Remove that from your server.cfg?


no, there aren’t - only if you’ve enabled such yourself as above?


So apparently this has been part of FiveM for some time now and just hasn’t worked properly, I surmise. If it’s new to your server like it was to mine this is how you get rid of it. Simply delete the [{{ID}}] from the playernames_sv.lua file and call it a day. Thanks to all for assistance. Cheers!


Ah! You mean that - originally if you were using Lambda Menu or similar on the client these were constantly overwritten (causing low FPS as well on a full server).

You know, you should just add set playernames_template "{{name}}" and set playernames_svTemplate "{{name}}" in the server.cfg instead of editing existing files.


Ah. Make sense as we are a menu based server. Thanks for the additional info!


what is a menu based server?


That trainers are allowed, like Lambda.


Had this been documented, it would have saved me almost 3 days of immersive google searching lol.