For people stuck single player mode stuck @ intro loading "Lundendorf north yankton 9 years ago" (solved)


Installed fivem started offlene mode gets stuck at the very beging and just sits there with the spinning loading circle bottom right corner on lunendorf north yankton 9 years ago…online works

this was fixed with the recommendation of
d0p3t on fivem discord by doing the following…

There are two folders in profiles…docs\rs\gta\profiles\3e9e8a9 wit the fivem_set.bin and cfg.bat and other folder docs\rs\gta\profiles\FBeaff90 with a cfg.bat and a gang of other files… copy all files from original gta profile folder replacing cfg.bat from fbeaff9o to 3e9e89 folder "the new folder…the one with the five_mset.bin file
note: your folders will have a different name and not fbeaff9o or 3e9e89 respectively

hope this helps someone out :slight_smile:

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Faxes already told me.


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where exactly are these folders? I spent a while trying to fix this but nothing worked


in your Documents folder


well update i got all the files but i dont understand ur instructions do i create a new folder and put them together or what?!


There is a second folder inside your GTA V save folder that has the file fivem_set.bin in it. Copy those files into there


Thanks johnnierocketguy!

Had this exact problem and there’s no post in Tech Support addressing it.

Working fine now, thanks! :smiley:


can someone re-phase this and make more sense for me please. I dont understand what to do. please explain fully.


copy what files from where


Please, make video on YT about this problem. I can’t find folders which you’re talking about
although I’m in profiles folder.


Hi! I tried the @johnnierocketguy method and it worked. There should be only two folders in profiles (C:\Users[USERNAME]\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles). If there are more it means you have multiple saves of the game. Anyway, the original save folders contain the cfg.bat and lots of other files, while the FiveM save folder contains the “fivem_set.bin” file. Once you determined which folder contains what, you have to copy everything from the original save folder to the one containing the “fivem_set.bin” file (overwrite files if needed). In case you guys find a scenario like mine (I reinstalled and played it over three times), with multiple folders inside “profiles”, you have to determine which is ACTIVE, meaning the one the game loads by default or the one you always play. This can be done by ordering the folders by date of last modification (just click the column that displays the date of the document or the last time it was modified). Now, leaving the previously discovered FiveM folder apart, the one that matches the last time you played is the one you should copy. Don’t forget to overwrite the original files in the FiveM folder. Hope this helps.


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