For people stuck single player mode stuck @ intro loading "Lundendorf north yankton 9 years ago" (solved)


Installed fivem started offlene mode gets stuck at the very beging and just sits there with the spinning loading circle bottom right corner on lunendorf north yankton 9 years ago…online works

this was fixed with the recommendation of
d0p3t on fivem discord by doing the following…

There are two folders in profiles…docs\rs\gta\profiles\3e9e8a9 wit the fivem_set.bin and cfg.bat and other folder docs\rs\gta\profiles\FBeaff90 with a cfg.bat and a gang of other files… copy all files from original gta profile folder replacing cfg.bat from fbeaff9o to 3e9e89 folder "the new folder…the one with the five_mset.bin file
note: your folders will have a different name and not fbeaff9o or 3e9e89 respectively

hope this helps someone out :slight_smile:

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where exactly are these folders? I spent a while trying to fix this but nothing worked


in your Documents folder


well update i got all the files but i dont understand ur instructions do i create a new folder and put them together or what?!


There is a second folder inside your GTA V save folder that has the file fivem_set.bin in it. Copy those files into there


Thanks johnnierocketguy!

Had this exact problem and there’s no post in Tech Support addressing it.

Working fine now, thanks! :smiley: