FloridaStateRP | Florida-Based | Custom CAD/MDT | Florida Cars | Accepting All Departments


Who are we?

We are Flordia State RP, we have built our server purely for other people’s fun and we would love to give people an enjoyable experience, we have nice and welcoming staff, and we are a small community, but that doesn’t matter because we have loads and loads of scripts made and designed for your liking. We have many goals for where we want our server to go.

Law Enforcement
Florida Highway Patrol - This department is outfitted to patrol the major roads and highways of Florida. We have many cars and multiple peds for our ranking system, which gives the people of FHP a sense of Pride
Sarasota Police Department - The PD for the whole state is mainly designed to patrol dense areas and around Los Santos and Sandy Shores.(Roleplayed to be Florida- Orange County and Sarasota)
Orange County Sheriff Department - SASD is made for the sparse areas of SA such as Mirror Park and Harmony and Paleto Bay, and they also have departments specializing in S.W.A.T and K9 Training.

Public Services-
FL Fire Department - The FLFD is purely here for the fun and excitement that the FD beholds, and to make sure we are safe when entering BioHazard areas, and whatever the next scenario beholds.
Florida Medical Division - The FLMD is a Division within FLFD but also stand on their own in some parts of SA, these units go where ever the FD usually go due to the tasks the FD have to undertake.
Civilian Divisions/Practices - We have a Civilian Head who sorts out and divides our civilians so they each get to have a respective job, and earn money from it. We also have an FL Governor slot.

Right Now we are hiring all departments, Civilian and LE, All sorts. we just need a big base before!

You need to have a working mic/headset,
You need discord and TeamSpeak3,
You need to be on the server more than 3 times a week for a lengthy time period,

Contact Information/Links-
Discord- https://discord.gg/KJnkjDn
Website- https://floridastaterp.wixsite.com/fsrp
Owner’s Discord- Owner-FSRP#7685
Direct Connect-

We would love to see you join!