Florida State Roleplay | Ranks Available | Advanced CAD/MDT System | Amazing Staff | Florida Based


Hello all,
Welcome to Florida State Roleplay. We are a new community and looking for active members. We have high department ranks available and we want them to be filled with members! We use Discord and TeamSpeak 3 as our methods of communications. We have a very good team of leaders and staff that will help solve your problems. Our age limit is 13 years old for those joining (we will make exceptions) and we offer the most realistic RP scenarios. We have a total of 6 departments and all but one of them are hiring!! We have custom cad/mdt made by Side Hostings, tons of CUSTOM SKINNED cars and real replicas of LEO vehicles, ELS server, Teamspeak and much more coming soon!!

Departments are as follows:
Miami Dade Police Department
Florida Highway Patrol
Florida Fire Rescue
Civilian of Florida
Pasco County Communications

We have an amazing staff team that will help you solve problems. Most people look at the amount of members we have, even though we have 75+ we still have fun to the fullest extent. When you join you can add to our team of active members and have fun with us. We want you to enjoy our server, invite your friends, and most importantly…HAVE FUN!!! Come join and add to our team of leaders!

For anyone interested in joining below is the discord: https://discord.gg/cfDqpU2


Yeah so quick tip dont go into other peoples discords to advertise your community, its desperate and disrespectful, if you try and deny it ill post the screenshots


Amazing server! They have some of the nicest people here. I would definitely recommend this server to anyone from no experience at all to 7+ years of experience. Anyone can really fit in and I instantly enjoyed this server. Typically I think, in a server, they should have three things: Simplicity, Professionalism, and Integrity. Florida State Roleplay has all of these. My perspective has really changed since I arrived at FSRP. My opinion may not matter or may not appear “important.” Although, I am aiming for people who want to be here. If you found a better opportunity, go for it. I’m not trying to force anyone to join.

Stay strong and safe,
Jonathan S.
Senior Sergeant; Florida State Roleplay