Florida RolePlay - Come check us out! [Whitelisted][Open Enrollment]



Looking for a fun RP server to play on?
Florida RolePlay has been around FiveM since the beginning of October 2015! We are opening enrollment and would love to see some new players get a chance to join our community.

What is Florida RolePlay?
Florida RolePlay is an advanced role-play community for Grand Theft Auto V (PC) with professional, committed individuals. We focus on realism and have multiple divisions along with in-game dispatching software for a more realistic experience. Our goal is to become a community as a whole, watching out for one another, and getting to know our team on a comfortable level, while maintaining pride and excellence.

What do we offer?
Along with a realistic roleplay experience, we offer a professional environment that allows players to follow their role in FiveM. We have implemented technologies such as Computer Aided Dispatch software and online police scripts that can be accessed in game for a superior sense of realism. We also have a lot of custom vehicles and map resources!

- New Map Updates: Added custom prison cells for individual jailing, Sandy Shore Jail center inside the sheriffs department, Downtown court house for RP scenarios. Custom map addons / housing

- Jobs: Taxi Job (Uber & Commercial), Freight Trucking Job, Delivery Trucking Job, City Garbage Trucking Job, Mechanic Job (Tow Company), Bank Money Truck Job and much more!

  • Custom LEO, Fire/EMS, Military and Civilian vehicles all coded for the new FiveM server update

Our dedicated severs are hosted with the highest quality of specs!
Buy housing, garages or even local businesses with your in game job money!

( We recently changed domain providers, our website is migrating)
Please feel free to apply at:


–Florida RolePlay Rules & Regulations along with FiveM’s Rules & Regulations–