Florida Life RP | Custom CAD/MDT, Exclusive Vehicles and Devs


Florida Life RP
Florida Life RP is a FiveM Server based on giving our members the most realistic roleplaying experience we can.

What do we offer
-Custom LEO Vehicles
-Custom Fire Vehicles
-Custom Civilian Vehicles
-Custom Scripts
-Completley custom and re modeled CAD/MDT

Things to come
-Completely Custom LEO Fleet
-Re worked economy
-Even more Custom Scripts

We also have various Vehicle and Texture Developers!

Server Member Count: 46

Website/ Application: https://flrp-news.bubbleapps.io/


Still recruiting need texture designers



Looks great who made your vehicles?


I have sent application I got off the discord


American RP is recruiting. We strive daily to be one of the best communities out there. We arent just a RP “clan” we are a family and treat everyone who joins just like it. Join today and you wont regret it

Things we offer:
Custom CAD/MDT
Custom scripts (even a doj like fire script)
Custom Fire Vehicles
Custom police vehicles
Custom Civ vehicles

San Andreas State Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Fire Department
Requirments for Emergency Services:
·14 years of age or higher
·Working Mic
·Legal Copy of GTA and of course FiveM

Link: https://discord.gg/szr8fgu


https://discord.gg/WBJkSGx new link


Still recruiting for all


is there a new discord link?