Florida Department of Public Safety Roleplay is Hiring all LEO's, FIRE, EMT, CIV's, DISPATCHERS! {WHITELISTED}

If you are looking for a good time role playing with some cool people, check us out at our website! or on our discord!

We are a public community, with whitelisted LEO’s, Fire, EMT’s! Customs civ cars, all cop cars are custom made! Custom civ cars you have to apply for whitelisted civ to get. We also have Custom weapon skins/sounds.

We are hiring all Law Enforcement Officers!
Florida Highway Patrol - HIGH demand
Palm Beach Sheriff Department - HIGH demand
Civilian Department - HIGH demand
Fire/EMS Department - HIGH demand

SUB DIVISIONS Most of them are a work in progress

Florida Highway Patrol

  • Gang Unit
  • K9 Division
  • Traffic Division
  • Patrol Division
  • Motor Bike Division

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department

  • Gang Unit
  • K9 Division
  • Traffic Division
  • Patrol Division

Fire/EMT Department

Civ Department

  • Security
  • Gangs (all of them)
  • FHP Tow/Civ Tow
  • Stringers
  • Weazel News
  • 24/7 Workers/Owners
  • LTD Workers/Owners
  • Yellow Jack Bartenders & owners
  • Vol Fire/EMT
  • Reserve Palm Beach Sheriffs.

discord isnt working

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thanks but i dont think i will be joining because you have people in there already i am looking to help a server that needs it

All good man, thanks for checking us out :+1:

FHP is hiring


Fire Department is hiring in the mass, we need as many FireMedics/Firefighters as possible!

Florida Highway Patrol is hiring with high demand! Ever want to patrol the streets/highways of Florida? Well come on and join the FHP!

Dispatch Department Is hiring with every intent to take anyone and everyone! Want to answer 911 calls and send units out to calls? Or even radio out firefighters? We need you now!


Orlando Police Department was just added! HIRING in high demand!! Ever wanted to patrol the streets of Orlando and catch the crazed Florida man you see on the TV? Well look no further our civilians replicate them all the time and also come up with their own ideas and crazy scenarios! Come put in an application on our website now!
Screenshots in the discord and on the website soon!


  • Sincerely C-1 P.Latterman (Civilian Director), Hope to roleplay with you soon.

Palm Beach Fire Department is hiring with HIGH demand!
Have no experience? No problem, we are hiring anyone willing to learn the realistic Fire protocols.
We have all custom made Fire Fleet!
We go on a wide variety of calls, from Structure fires to car fires!
Firemedics go on calls from House fires to a heart attack!
Want to do either? Or even want to do both? Come put in an application on our WEBSITE or our DISCORD
Hope to RP with you soon.

The Florida Highway Patrol is hiring for class 100. Do you think you have what it takes to be an FHP Trooper? Then Join our discord and apply today! FDPSRP is always finding new state of the art server addons and EUP, and Vehicles. The applications for class 100 are going to remain open for another week due to the hurricane, once applications close the class time will be announced so huury and apply today to secure your position with the Florida Highway Patrol!

The Civilian Department is always looking for new people. We are wanting people willing to do the most crazy antics for your and the LEO’s maybe even the firemedics involved! Lets get some more Florida women and men. Do you think you’re crazy enough to do the things that are on the news? Weazel News will be right there to catch any arrest, or the stringers will be there to get a passing shot of you running from the cops! Maybe you want to be in a gang well we have amazing custom outfits and attires made for gangs and all civilians with only more to come! New to roleplay? That’s okay, we take anyone willing to learn! Come check us out in discord or message me on discord if you have any questions about the community or any departments! - Discord StraightGone#7291 .