Florida Department of Public Safety Roleplay is Hiring all LEO's, FIRE, EMT, CIV's, DISPATCHERS! {PUBLIC}

If you are looking for a good time role playing with some cool people, join our discord for applications!

We are a public community, with whitelisted LEO’s, Fire, EMT’s! Customs civ cars, all cop cars are custom made! Custom civ cars you have to apply for whitelisted civ to get. We also have Custom weapon skins/sounds.

We are hiring all Law Enforcement Officers!
Florida Highway Patrol - HIGH demand
Palm Beach Sheriff Department - HIGH demand
Civilian Department - HIGH demand
Fire/EMS Department - HIGH demand

SUB DIVISIONS Most of them are a work in progress

Florida Highway Patrol

  • Gang Unit
  • K9 Division
  • Traffic Division
  • Patrol Division
  • Motor Bike Division

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department

  • Gang Unit
  • K9 Division
  • Traffic Division
  • Patrol Division

Fire/EMT Department

Civ Department

  • Security
  • Gangs (all of them)
  • FHP Tow/Civ Tow
  • Stringers
  • Weazel News
  • 24/7 Workers/Owners
  • LTD Workers/Owners
  • Yellow Jack Bartenders & owners
  • Vol Fire/EMT
  • Reserve Palm Beach Sheriffs.

discord isnt working

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thanks but i dont think i will be joining because you have people in there already i am looking to help a server that needs it

All good man, thanks for checking us out :+1:

FHP is hiring