Flatline Roleplay - Brand new server with experienced staff looking to gain experienced members!


Flatline Roleplay was publicly released in late April with one goal - To give the best and most inclusive roleplay experience to all!

There are many other servers out there, believe me, I know. What sets us apart from many others is our structure and experience. Every member of staff has been either roleplaying or running roleplay servers for well over five years. Altogether we have more than twenty-five years of roleplay experience under our collective belt.

We treat every member of our community as family. Our rules are enforces on everyone, no matter their rank or role. Our rules are common sense, if you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t say it here.

Unlike many other servers, we use a server-side menu for all of our roleplay needs.

Server-side menus allow us the ability to restrict trolling and rule-breaking, because you can never get rid of troll menus when client-side menus are enabled.

Consider joining our server, we need members!

Website: https://flatlineroleplay.com/

Discord: https://discord.io/flatlineroleplay

Apply Direct: https://apply.flatlineroleplay.com

Mountain Community Roleplay

We just reopened our server! Come join us and perhaps lead a department!


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