[FIXED] Can't start FXServer - Permission denied


I’m getting this error:

bash /var/games/FXServer/run.sh +exec server.cfg

/var/games/FXServer/run.sh: line 8: /var/games/FXServer/proot: Permission denied
/var/games/FXServer/run.sh: line 8: exec: /var/games/FXServer/proot: cannot execute: Permission denied

On CentOS7 ‘barebones’ the server worked, but with plesk it seems that the permissions are more restricted…


you probably need to run it as root, its a permission problem you could also google how to give that folder proper user permissions.


I already changed permissions multiple times, even 777 and used -R for recursive.

Maybe this helps:
proot error: can’t chmod ‘/tmp/proot-10454-1tUMUw’: No such file or directory


I found the problem, plesk mounted the /tmp directory with noexec.

This is the fix:
sudo mount -o remount,exec /tmp

Maybe this helps for people who got the same issue!


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