Fix the falling Birds out of the Sky


I would like it if FiveM would fix the falling bird issue where the birds could fly properly without them falling everywhere and glitching out.


its so anyoning while i hit a bird and i crash out,


@John_GamingNL click the vote button and they will


This hasn’t been fixed? Pretty sure they’ve either mostly fixed it or it doesn’t effect every server. I’ve yet to see them drop in mine lately.


I believe it could be connection issues idk tho


I mean I might be wrong and may just not be noticing it, it’s hard to tell. Haha


I’ve only noticed this when somebody has a poor connection or is alt-tabbed.


I’d also assume it could just be an issue of either a server hiccup or a connection hiccup.


It isnt with just one server it is with many, even DOJ’s server experiences this. Look at their youtube videos. They comment on this all the time


No one said it was?

Their desync is also next level. (Not a jab at them, btw)

I’ll have to double check, but I haven’t personally had it happen lately.


seems to happen all the time for me


I hate when this happens, god dam birds are meant to fly not fall! It would be great to see them use their freaking wings


Plot twist: birds don’t actually fly in real life, they just smack into the ground so hard and so often that it looks like they are flying perfectly normal.


What hasnt the government told us LOL I mean all jokes aside its a serious and annoying issue…