FiveRP - 300+ MEMBERS | Live Cad/MDT with GPS | Realistic Environment Roleplay (Whitelisted) | ELS Enabled | [DOJ Styled]



FiveRP has begun in 2012 in the early days of role-playing, where we gained a substantial player-base and knowledge of user-friendly RP. FRP also previously known as Central Gaming Community is a Realistic Roleplay Community dedicated to offering high-quality role-play to all members no matter what experience you’ve.

FiveRP is a Whitelisted Server with an Application and Interview process before you’re allowed to role-play. If you’re accepted you will be given all the necessary tools and information you require to aid you in our patrols.

Server Links: | Our Discord with 100+ Members.
→ | Our Public TeamSpeak3 Server. | Our Forums for applications and general discussion.

Training Process

Our Training process consists of basic knowledge and understanding of communications, policies, regulations and procedures and the procedural training based on the department a member is apart of. this consist of Tactical and Operational Standards, Basic Physical and Judgmental Training and any other relevant procedures required to fulfill the needs of the department.

Whitelisted Patrols

Our Community is whitelist based, each patrol is scheduled. All members will meet at a briefing including civilians then head out and start roleplaying.

Blips and Map blips are disabled to introduce a more dynamic experience and reduce meta-gaming

What we have to Offer:

We are currently hiring full-time members of the following Departments:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) - 29 Vacancies
  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - 45 Vacancies
  • San Andreas Fire and EMS (SAFE) - 50 Vacancies
  • Operations Communications Center (OCC) / Dispatch - 20 Vacancies.
  • Civilian Department - Unlimited.
    Apply here :slight_smile: :policeman:

Features on the server:

  • Menu and Text Based.
  • 32 Player Slots.
  • 100+ Animations.
  • Custom Police / EMS Vehicles and Liveries.
  • Custom Map Edits including Custom Interiors for RP Housing and raids.
  • Traffic Enforcement Scripts.
  • Enhanced Lighting System.
  • Fully Functional GPS Tracking.
  • Placeable Objects and spike strips.

Available Jobs:

  • Fugitive Recover Agents (FRA)
  • Gruppe 6 Agents (Gs6)
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Transportation Drivers
  • Transit Drivers
  • Construction Workers
  • Store Owners

The only limitation is your imagination, there are a variety of jobs civilians participate in.

Roleplay Experience:
The roleplay in FiveRP is highly regulated and maintained to very high standards through In-game Experience, Highly Detailed Training Academy, and also Training Refreshments.

Either as a Civilian, Police Officer/Trooper, Firefighter or Paramedic of the community, Each patrol will have unique adventures and enjoyment. you will participate in many activities and events.

Remember that any events can change rapidly to something unexpected.

FiveRP has a tremendous amount of opportunities available for anyone whos a member of the community. We’ve regular vacancies for specialized Divisions like Recruitment Services, Internal Affairs, Academy Depot, and Community Staff, furthermore, we also offer the opportunities to gain more responsibilities in the department members represent by promoting members to supervisory positions and or issuing medal based on the player’s commitment.

SAHP Pictures

LSPD Pictures


love CGC it is such a proffesionallism clan and lovely people from all over the world protecting and serving the streets of FiveRP, as a Corporal of the LSPD ( GeneralDuty) i would like to invite u to Central Gaming Community where we can learn u all the basses on now to become a good officer|civillian|safe/ems|occ(Dispatch) member, i would like to thanks u for reading this message and we hope to see i in the CGC clan!


I joined this community a month ago, I have absolutely no regrets and can only say that this is a very professional Community. People here are very friendly and also from around the world so if your from the US or EU there will always be people online to talk and roleplay with.


In all honestly, great people. The staff are so friendly and are always willing to help. I’ve been on here for a month and have never had one bad experience. The cops are great as they have a strict RTO channel with a dispatcher always by their side. I would defiantly recommend this over any other community


New Department Added, BCSO, Blaine County Sheriffs Office.


Nice detailed post :smiley:


Thanks, @Scott_UK and welcome to the community.