FiveReborn/pΛ/проектΛ update - December 30th, 2016


We have pushed out an update to pΛ ( Project Lambda ) on the production branch today. This update only affects the client, which will automatically update. The server is unchanged.

Summarized changelog

  • Support loading data files (including various .meta files) from the resource manifest (__resource.lua) entries.
  • Implement ADD_TEXT_ENTRY and ADD_TEXT_ENTRY_BY_HASH client-side natives.
  • Skip reading commandline.txt from the game folder, this should resolve incompatibilities after using other multiplayer mods.
  • Minor bugfixes and other internal changes.

#Developer information
Unfortunately there’s no official wiki yet ( Coming soon :tm: ), so this will have to do.

###Resource manifest (__resource.lua) changes

  • The Resource Manifest is now expected to contain a version manifest (resource_manifest_version). Old resources will not have access to some new features or mechanics.
    Non-manifested resources will continue to work for the foreseeable time, but may lose access to future said features.
  • The data_file directive got added. This can be used to load the same .meta files as content.xml in a DLC pack. The .meta files has to be added in the same order as in the content.xml file. Currently the <fileType>TEXTFILE_METAFILE<fileType/> does not work, It’s not needed anyways.
    This example is taken from the IVPack port for pΛ.
-- the current manifest version level (2016-12-30)
resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

-- add the files to be sent to the client
files {

-- specify data file entries to be added
-- these entries are the same as content.xml in a DLC pack
data_file 'HANDLING_FILE' 'handling.meta'
data_file 'VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE' 'vehicles.meta'
data_file 'CARCOLS_FILE' 'carcols.meta'
data_file 'VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE' 'carvariations.meta'

-- and a client script
client_script 'vehicle_names.lua'

###ADD_TEXT_ENTRY native

This native allows you to override GXT2 entries from your client script, to reduce the need for modifying global.gxt2 in RPF files.

It is not yet added to natives.lua, so you’ll have to refer to it manually using its hash key. This can be done as follows:

function AddTextEntry(key, value)
	Citizen.InvokeNative(GetHashKey("ADD_TEXT_ENTRY"), key, value)

	AddTextEntry('0x018B36C6', 'STD Spoiler')
	AddTextEntry('0x04F48FC4', 'Rebla')
	AddTextEntry('0x067AC0A5', 'Carbon Wing Type II')
	AddTextEntry('0x09B56631', 'DF8-90')
	AddTextEntry('PINNACLE', 'Pinnacle')

To make it easier to convert OpenIV .oxt files, ADD_TEXT_ENTRY also supports hashes as strings using 0x1234ABCD hexadecimal notation.

#Future plans

We’re still at work debugging the issues with graphics card initialization. No progress has been made on this far, but it will be fixed it eventually.

There also has been a lack of transparency with regards to recent updates and changes the project has been going through. You’ll have to bear with us for the next while as we rearrange the project structure to serve you better.

The focus for the next while will be stability, reliability and adding documentation and other unfinished features, and making it possible for you to do more things server-side without requiring client-side modifications.

@Oui has been hard at work on a server-side version of his trainer, and we’re expecting to be able to deliver this to you early 2017.

If your country uses a normal Gregorian calendar, we wish you a happy new year - and if not, you’re probably trained to ignore these wishes anyhow.

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When are the import&export dlc getting released?


for the streaming of meta’s do we add the metas into the vehicle folder we are trying to stream or just keep it in the stream folder?


I think the new update keeps our games in the loading screens and we can’t enter at any server, i mean, the game loads completly, we can see the chat, but the loading screen is still there



Having the same issue


Could you fix when disconnecting from a server and joining another one I don’t have to crash and restart my game? It’s kind of annoying…


Not our issue, It’s “Improved Loadingscreen” is broke. I posted a fix to it


thx man :grin:



Do we need to do something? Or just the server admins? Because i can’t find client_login.lua in the FiveReborn files


its serverside only @XxCR055xX


FUCKING HELL, Notice oh the ting i posted was on the improved loadinscreen. Maybe, just MAYBE it’s related to the loadinscreen?


Why if it worked all this time why should the server owners have to change it. I mean it used to work. Therefore it’s your fault for it breaking. And sometimes servers don’t have active owners so they cannot change it.


If you actually fucking read my reply, You would see “As this was using a odd quirk to close the loadingscreen it’s now broken”


relax man i’m new in this shit


If your country uses a normal Gregorian calendar, we wish you a happy new year - and if not, you’re probably trained to ignore these wishes anyhow.

Haha, the line at the end is gold.


No clue, but I need that answer as well, I put it in the vehicle folder and server starts up fine and vehicle works but I added files used for making the gauges work but they still dont.


does this mean you can stream .meta files true the server or that dlc (add ons) are supported client sided??


I have a hard time getting the turnings parts to work. When I download the IVpack everything works. If I try to do it from scratch everything works except the options to choose modification parts from trainer.

Here is what I do:

Download any add-on
Open the dlc with OpenIV
Copy the files and common meta files/data

For the turning names I open this file from the dlc and create this in the vehicle_names.lua

Like this:

I’ve triple checked everything that all references and id´s are in sync. I tried different cars as well but with the same outcome. No modification option in trainer :frowning: what to do?


Im not sure if the trainer is even able to load them or if they should be spawned by hand…

@Oui could you clarify this?


You can donwload files and then mount them with the dlc system. Basically, You can port any Add-On whatever that uses the dlc system.