FiveReborn/pΛ/проектΛ hotfix - December 31st, 2016


We have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch today, again. This is yet another client update, and is a hotfix for some issues reported since the last release.

Summarized changelog

  • Fixed IPv6 handling. This should allow connecting to a server over IPv6, for instance using Teredo.
  • Added a error mesage catch a potential crash when misusing the data_file directive in the resource manifest (doing data_file(Type,File) instead of data_file(Type)(File)). (thanks to @Kng for reporting this!)

#Server administrator information
It should now be possible to connect to servers using IPv6, however this will only work using the “direct connect” interface, you should enter the address in the format [::1]:30120, the port is required to be specified currently and you can not use host names.

A secret hint this allows is connecting to people with non-forwarded ports assuming Teredo is set up correctly, to do this you should connect to the IPv6 address shown in ipconfig /all under the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface (which will start with 2001:).

#Developer information
Did some more work on the .NET scripting runtime.

  • Modify the CitizenFX.Core.InputArgument constructor ( in the .NET scripting runtime ) that takes an INativeValue to be usable by sandboxed scripts (this should allow passing CitizenFX.Core.Vehicle to Function.Call).
  • Print the exception to debug output properly if an exception occurs in a OnTick event handler after awaiting an asynchronous call. (.NET as above)
  • Return the correct result_t if a file can not be opened by IScriptHost::OpenHostFile and IScriptHost::OpenSystemFile. This should cause cleaner .NET exceptions to be logged, and not System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range..

Yes, there is a .NET runtime. There is a also a JavaScript runtime (mostly used for emscripten).

Like everything else (sadly), these are undocumented at the moment. There will however be a resource using the .NET support released really soon as an example.

Note: Since this is only a update the manifest version did not change.

Other than that, we love what you’ve done with the new addon car capabilities from yesterday’s update, and hope you’re going to release even more of these awesome things!


still no import export?


At this point you can add import / export yourself


Would the scripts still work?


What scripts are you talking about?


Scripts for the boosters on the rocket voltic for example


this usually ain’t scripted but is an exe feature possibly enabled by the metas… dlc exe features dont work at all anyway.


Hey how can I add imp exp? Is there a tutorial available?

Thanks in advance.