FiveM update - November 8th, 2017


update update UPDATE update update UpDaTe update update!


  • Fix broken Steam beta update.
  • Revert behavior causing excessive ERR_GEN_ZLIB_2 on common servers.
  • Add a vehicle wheel rotation native. More coming soon.
  • Update libuv.
  • Fix an issue calling function references from the JS runtime.


nice one as always! love the new wheel rotation native, imagine the possibilites!


Thanks for this update. :snail:


Yay! Updates



FPS down since MAJ :frowning:


@silver when are you bringing 64 players to servers? and when are you going to allow servers to stream sound files for guns and sirens?


As per the main site:


I keep getting this error when I double click fivem. can anyone help ?


Make a post in #technical-support and follow the support template