FiveM update - May 26th, 2018


Then I understand that no patch has come out for the users that have windows 7, that before the update worked well, now after the update. It no longer works …

Ban to give sulucion to users like me windows 7 remove park to solve.




That’s not true. Windows 7 is currently supposed to work, it’s just not recommended. But it should work fine. (Minus 3D Audio with Mumble)

@alfom Make a thread in #technical-support and fill out the support template with your issue.


Is it now working or not? And where I can find support or the tools for that? Found nothing more about using Mumble with fivem…


It does it all for you. As long as you have the right package on patreon and the latest server version it will work out of the box.


I’m not really sure to understand this. I have a script on the server which we use to cry, shout, wisper… I must deaktivate that, taht mumble works? How I can choose it out and do I understand it right i cry in my micro the gamer in 5 meters will kill me because its loud, and the gamer in 50 meters can here me normal?


The way I read this is that existing scripts that use natives for voice chat will automatically work with the mumble integration. So your current script should be fine.


thx saltygrandpa will test it again!

Test it, same voice in 5, 50 and 100 m… must i activate something? maybe the problem sit in front of the monitor^^

Also I ve all time the problem, come in no voice, must go to speakoptions, press on it, go out voice work - anyone an idea whats wrong?


It doesn’t look like you have the donation package on your account, have you (or whoever owns the license key you use on your server) donated on the patreon?


Yes I’ve and No I’m not a patron at this time…the money options are not interesting for me…missing paysafecard etc, but I will.

I think i must be an patron or i need to create a new key?


You need to be a patreon in order to have the new mumble system. (Of a certain level)


Voice Prox goes throughout the entire server?


Yeah, we’re having the same problem. Given that we’re running an RP server, we kinda need decent proximity. We’ve been playing with it for a good few hours to no avail.


how are you supposed to control the voice. there is nothing in regards to this that I can see. i.e. whisper/shout etc? Thanks


the same scripts you already used!


Just use what you were originally using to control voice distances. Like @fluorine said


ok thanks. Any recommendations on the best mod to use?


Search the #development:releases 's section, vVoice I think is one.


is fivem still up and running I cant seem to sign up anywhere


sign up, what do you mean? You don’t have to sign up unless you’re joining a specific server.