FiveM update - May 16th, 2017


An update has just been released to the production channel. A lot of internal changes were made in this update, noteworthy changes follow:

Notable changes

  • Support VConsole2 for (limited) console things and log output. A minimal VConsole2 build has been provided by a community member - you can connect to your FiveM instance on port 29100. :nerd:
  • Resize the UI window on a resolution change. :eyeglasses:
  • rage-input: don’t switch keyboard layout while the game is running :keyboard:
  • Resolves [CRITICAL] Can’t switch language - the WASD game input issue however isn’t resolved by this.

Is there a better alternative to the F8 debug window?

Спасибо. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Nice job. Thank you! :blush:


Thanks for the update.

What’s going on with the console tho ? Citizen.Trace is printed twice now, and every event is in the console too, that’s kinda annoying since I’d like to add my own debug


Awesome! Thanks for the update!


Keep them coming. :+1:t2:


Keep working ! we supporting you and we keep supporting make a hype for more slots we cant wait ^^


It’s still a work-in-progress for unification of the console system with FXServer - right now that means a bug crept in making the console view send script traces twice.

There’s also no channel filtering in the built-in console yet - that’ll come later. :cherries:

Console messages doubled
[HELP] Double activation

Sounds nice, I hope those come soon. Any ETA ?


Good update. But the update is now giving me issues.


Need a C# supported server !
That will be nice because Lua is overlimited on some domain while you wan’t specifics things !


I’d like to thanks all the FiveM developpers, all the community.
First for the engine, second for all the helps they given to me :slight_smile:
In about 2 weeks I can make all I want wich is pretty great ! THANKS FOR ALL AND DON’T CHANGE ! <3


Still not solve the “approximate connect” -.-’


Getting random exclusive car spawns fully tuned and random AI cops while they are disabled since the animal update.


How? This update enabled scenarios - did you disable scenarios as well in whatever script you used to ‘disable’ things?


Would you have any idea of when the FiveM native SQL support will be released?
I am waiting for this update to start my mode.
Have a great day.


me to :frowning: i get like now big fps drops…


Since I updated FiveM, I get a fatal eror message at launch