FiveM update - March 17th, 2017


A minor bugfix update has been pushed to the production branch after making it through the canary channel and passing brief smoke tests. Who needs a dev channel? :boom:

Summarized changelog

  • Error messages from servers (kicking and so on) don’t show garbage at the end anymore. :recycle:
  • We forgot these lack a null terminator. Whoa!
  • Empty POST to a NUI callback doesn’t crash the game anymore. :crab:
  • Extra if statements for the win!
  • Increase phInstGta pool size to 16384. :deciduous_tree:
  • This has been a persistent question by some persistent people who persistently insist on placing trees with (persistent) dynamic collision that… persist until the map segment unloads.
  • Improve network sync performance in case of CPU starvation. :snail:
  • Basically, don’t run RageNetSend in a separate thread (that runs at ‘below normal’ priority), but run this from the main game thread. This will result in hopefully-noticeable improvements running the game on various configurations, from :sweet_potato: PCs to 4-core/4-thread systems (i5, for instance).

Have fun!


One player on my server gets a phInstGta pool size 16384 error, Is this because of the trees on my server? anyway to fix this other than removing the trees?



2 years, 2 fucking years. Create a thread in support.


2? nah, more like 1 and a half. This thread is about what im searching for and I’iv never gotten any answers in the support so why would I? even more so with your atitude…